Gestoría Dorta - Castellano offers you all administrative, fiscal, accounting, labor and other services. Make your inquiries.

Gestoría Dorta - Castellano has a team of expert agents and consultants with a long
professional career, who will assist you in the following languages: Spanish, English and French; with a great experience in the sector, more than 30 years in client service, performing a quality work to always offer a friendly and personalized treatment.

You have the services of:

Management of companies
  • Societies, self-employed and associations management.
  • Tax and accounting management.
  • Labor management.
  • Registrations and deregistrations and self-employed.
Taxes management
  • Tax returns, personal income tax.
  • NON residents tax.
  • Inheritance, tax inheritance and gifts of residents and non residents.
  • Resources and claims before any administrative body and the TEAC.
Gestoría Dorta - Castellano